PUDMA relies on dedicated members to help coordinate activities and fundraising throughout the year. These alumni serve on our PUDMA Board, which includes both Presidential Board and Directors positions. Executive Board experience on PUDM is not required. Applications for open positions become available at the start of each new PUDM year. If you have any additional questions, please contact Marlee DeSplinter at

*Presidential Board roles are a 1 year term*


  • Oversees Vice Presidents and Advisory Board
  • Responsible for maintaining a relationship with the PUDM Alumni Liaison
  • Responsible for putting together and following a year-long timeline
  • Work with Presidential Board members to create a PUDMA strategic plan


Vice President of Finance

  • Responsible for tracking the dues of all PUDMA Members including Presidential Board, Advisory Board and General Body Members
  • Responsible for tracking donations given by PUDMA to PUDM throughout the year
  • Responsible for fundraising event funds raised and disbursing them to PUDM
  • Educates PUDMA Members about Matching Gift Programs


Vice President of External Affairs

  • Responsible for recruitment of General Body Members
  • Responsible for social media for PUDMA
  • Oversees the organization of external fundraising events put on by Advisory Board Members


Vice President of Internal Affairs

  • Responsible for organizing Marathon weekend timeline
  • Responsible for disbursing information to General Body Members
  • Maintains the PUDMA database

Vice President of Membership

  • Responsible for organizing PUDMA Buddy Program and Mentorship Opportunities
  • Responsible for Stewardship of the alumni of the Purdue Dance Marathon Program
  • Responsible for creating a positive, encouraging, inclusive, and uplifting environment for the PUDMA community

*Please note all Director positions are a 1-year term*

Productions Director

  • Assist VP External with the creation of content to be used for PUDMA promotion, recruitment, and PUDMA newsletters
  • Assist in creating a vision and a plan for the future of content for PUDMA

Design Director

  • Assist VP External with the PUDMA website design and keeping the content updated
  • Experience with WordPress or other website building programs is encouraged. At minimum, ideas on how to improve the website, new features to include, and future content.
  • Other duties as assigned

Regional Coordinator (3)

  • Ideally located in one of the following 3 geographic areas (Indianapolis, Chicago, or Lafayette)
  • Assist VP Internal in planning 2-4 fundraising and/or networking events for local PUDMA members within the assigned region
  • Communicate events and upcoming PUDM happenings with local members via phone, email, and/or social media
  • Serve as an alumni buddy for a small group of PUDM Chamber Members
  • Other duties as assigned

Data Management Director

  • Work with VP Finance to create a physical and digital log of information for each previous year of PUDM
  • Maintain the Alumni database and record information in an easily read format
  • Assist with membership analytics of PUDMA Members
  • Serve as an alumni buddy for a small group of PUDM Chamber Members
  • Other duties as assigned

Development Director

  • Assist VP Operations with Fundraising and Sponsorship initiatives to further support the mission of PUDM and PUDMA, including promoting PUDM’s corporate sponsorship package and corporate matching gift program
  • Ensure the adequate stewardship is being provided to our PUDMA members and donors

Professional Development Director

  • Assist VP Operations with creating and implementing professional development days for PUDMA members
  • Other duties as assigned

Mission Director

  • Work with VP Membership to coordinate a Riley Family event in conjunction with other DM’s Alumni Associations
  • Assist with connecting PUDMA members with Riley stories and families
  • Write and create a Riley related piece for each of PUDMA’s regular newsletters
  • Serve as an alumni buddy/mentor for a small group of PUDM Chamber Members

Mentorship Director

  • Assist VP Membership with set up, execution, and development of PUDMA’s mentor initiatives
  • Expand on PUDMA’s buddy program by creating new and improved mentorship opportunities for PUDM’s members
  • Other duties as assigned