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Meet our 2020 Presidential Board!

Dalton Clouse
Dalton ClousePresident
Dalton joined PUDM as a dancer in 2014 and joined the Fundraising Committee for PUDM 2015. In 2016, he served as the Fundraising Campaigns Chair. Dalton then served his final PUDM year in 2017 as Vice President External. After graduating Purdue in 2018, Dalton joined PUDMA as Vice President External and served in this role through January of 2020. Outside of PUDMA, Dalton is working toward obtaining a Masters Degree in Higher Education. In his free time you can find him hanging out with friends, playing board games, or watching Survivor.
Jon Gaide
Jon GaideVP - External
After 6 unforgettable years with PUDM, Purdue finally got Jon out the doors. He is thrilled to lead the recruitment efforts of PUDMA this year to bolster the network of people who know that even though college ends, our fight against pediatric cancer never will. Jon lives in Bloomington, Indiana, and works as a process engineer for surgical devices.
Kayla Halterman
Kayla HaltermanVP - Internal
Kayla joined PUDM her freshman year in 2015 as a Committee Member for the Mini Marathons committee. She continued on with Mini Marathons for her sophomore year. For Kayla’s junior year PUDM, she served as the Executive Secretary and then served as the Vice of President of Finance for her fourth and final year. Inspired by her involvement with PUDM, Kayla now works for the American Cancer Society as a Community Development Manager.
Kyle Marpe
Kyle MarpeVP - Finance
Kyle began his PUDM journey his sophomore year joining the Morale Committee. He immediately fell in love with the passionate PUDM community supporting an incredible mission. He would continue on to serve as an Executive Board member and Vice President External in 2014 and 2015, respectively. Kyle hopes to bring the same energy and passion to his new role as PUDM Alumni Vice President of Finance. Kyle continues to be inspired by the compassion and generosity of the Purdue community.

Meet our 2020 Advisory Board!

Nate Grabner
Nate GrabnerData Management
Nate began his PUDM journey as a participant in 2014. From there he joined the Morale Committee in 2015, and then served as the Fraternity Outreach Chair in 2016, Outreach Exec in 2017, and VP External in 2018. Nate was also named a CMN Dance Marathon Distinguished Leader in 2018. Since graduating with a degree in Marketing in December 2018, Nate has worked as a Customer Experience Consultant at West Monroe Partners in Chicago.
Conrad Koehler
Conrad KoehlerIndianapolis Regional Coordinator
Conrad started his PUDM journey his freshman year as a dancer in 2013. The next year he became a director on the Mini Marathons Committee. In 2015, Conrad became the executive for the Morale Committee, and in the following year became Vice President Internal for his fourth and final year. After graduation, Conrad returned to his family farm to become a Farm Manager in Center Point, Indiana.
Courtney Moore
Courtney MooreRiley Liaison
In 2013, Courtney attended PUDM as a freshman and fell in love with the cause. After spending three years on Riley Relations in various capacities, she spent her final year serving as Vice President Internal in 2017. Now living in Indianapolis, Courtney is thrilled to continue serving PUDM in her newest role – focusing on connecting alumni to Riley families, and PUDM as a whole.
Sam Cleveland
Sam ClevelandChicago Regional Co-Coordinator
Sam joined PUDM his freshman year in 2015 on the Morale Committee. He continued on morale the following 3 years; as the exec in 2017 and color captain in 2018. After graduation, Sam moved to Chicago to work as a Quality Engineer for ArcelorMittal. Sam is looking forward to engaging the PUDM alumni base in Chicago this year!
Connor Rickard
Connor RickardChicago Regional Co-Coordinator
Connor started his PUDM career in 2015 as a director of the Accounting Committee. He was an accounting committee member, chair, and accounting executive in the subsequent years. Now, Connor lives in Chicago and works as a project engineer in healthcare construction. He looks forward to bringing his passion for PUDM to the Chicagoland area with Sam!
Marlee DeSplinter
Marlee DeSplinterLafayette Regional Co-Coordinator
Marlee started her adventures with PUDM her freshman year in 2016, attending the marathon as a participant. The following year, she joined the Morale committee. The next two dance marathons she had the chance to serve as a chair: in 2018 for the FSCL committee and in 2019 for the Morale committee. She is excited to continue sharing her passion for dance marathon as a member of the PUDMA advisory board! After her graduation in May, Marlee will be attending graduate school to study Speech Pathology.
Mark Alicea
Mark AliceaLafayette Regional Co-Coordinator
Mark joined PUDM as a champion in 2018 as a committee member for the Hospitality committee, where he fell in love with PUDM at his first Stix 4 Kids event! The following year, he served as the In-Kind Sponsorships Strategy Chair, where he strategized potential new companies to reach out to. He also planned important skip-A-meals (like Dough 4 Kids)! Post graduation, Mark will be working for Amazon as a Safety Specialist while working on a Master’s Degree in Operations Research!