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Meet our 2021 PUDMA Presidential Board!

Kyle Marpe
Kyle MarpePresident
Kyle joined PUDM in 2012 and was a member of the Morale Committee for PUDM. In 2013, he served as the Student Organizations Outreach Executive for PUDM. Kyle then served his final PUDM year in 2014 as Vice President External. After graduating Purdue in 2015, Kyle served with PUDMA as Vice President Finance and served in this role through January of 2021. Outside of PUDMA, Kyle works as a Civil Engineer in Transportation Engineering.
Jon Gaide
Jon GaideVP - External
After 6 unforgettable years with PUDM, Purdue finally got Jon out the doors. He is thrilled to lead the recruitment efforts of PUDMA this year to bolster the network of people who know that even though college ends, our fight against pediatric cancer never will. Jon lives in Bloomington, Indiana, and works as a process engineer for surgical devices.
Bailey Daily
Bailey DailyVP - Internal
Bailey joined PUDM in 2016 as a Committee Member for the New Member Committee. She continued on with Riley Relations for her next year with PUDM serving as a committee member and progressing to serve as a chair for the committee. For Bailey’s final year of PUDM, she served as the Vice of President of Internal Relations. Bailey loves all things Purdue and has transformed that passion into now working for the Purdue Research Foundation.
Nate Grabner
Nate GrabnerVP - Finance
Nate began his PUDM journey as a participant in 2014. From there he joined the Morale Committee in 2015, and then served as the Fraternity Outreach Chair in 2016, Outreach Exec in 2017, and VP External in 2018. Nate was also named a CMN Dance Marathon Distinguished Leader in 2018. Since graduating with a degree in Marketing in December 2018, Nate has worked as a Customer Experience Consultant at West Monroe Partners in Chicago.
Marlee DeSplinter
Marlee DeSplinterVP - Membership
Marlee started her adventures with PUDM her freshman year in 2016, attending the marathon as a participant. The following year, she joined the Morale committee. The next two dance marathons she had the chance to serve as a chair: in 2018 for the FSCL committee and in 2019 for the Morale committee. She is excited to continue sharing her passion for dance marathon as a member of the PUDMA advisory board! Marlee is now attending graduate school to study Speech Pathology.

Meet our 2021 PUDMA Directors!

Anne Smith
Anne SmithProductions Director
Anne joined PUDM her freshman year as a mini marathons committee member in 2017. She became a chair for Special Events in 2018, adventured to Vice President of External Affairs in 2019 and spent her final year in 2020 as a committee member on Riley Relations with the honor of having Addyson Wooldridge as her buddy! Anne is excited to be a new resident of Washington D.C. where she is pursuing her doctorate in Audiology at Gallaudet University.
Lexi Shriver
Lexi ShriverMentorship Director
In 2015, Lexi transferred to Purdue and joined PUDM’s Morale Committee, entirely unaware of the absolute rollercoaster ahead of her. Lexi found her people and her purpose, and knew she’d be forever intertwined with this incredible organization. She served as a Morale Committee Chair as well Public Relations executive before hanging up her dancing shoes, but she wasn’t done with Riley just yet. Lexi began her nursing career working at our beloved Riley Hospital for Children and loved every second of it. At the moment, however, Lexi’s love for hiking, camping, and all things adventure has drawn her to Salt Lake City, UT where she’s currently working as a resource nurse.
Nadia Giedemann
Nadia GiedemannMarketing Director
Nadia joined PUDM in 2015 as a participant with her sorority. That first marathon sparked Nadia’s everlasting passion for the organization. She went on to hold numerous positions. She was a Morale committee member in 2016, a Morale Color Captain in 2017, the Sorority Outreach Chair in 2018, and the Public Relations Executive in 2019. She is thrilled to continue working with an organization that brought her so much joy during her time at Purdue. Nadia now lives in the Chicagoland area and works as an Information Specialist and Dance Instructor.
Jillian Bouck
Jillian BouckRegional Coordinator - Indianapolis
Jillian started her PUDM journey as a participant in 2017 without a clue what she was getting herself into. It was love at first linedance – she went on to serve with the Morale committee as a Committee Member (2018), a Color Captain (2019), and Leadership Development Chair (2020). Jillian graduated from Purdue in 2021 with a degree in Genetics & now works for the IU School of Medicine in Indianapolis. She is excited to work alongside Caroline to keep bringing Indy miracle makers together!
Caroline Blankemeier
Caroline BlankemeierRegional Coordinator - Indianapolis
Caroline joined PUDM her freshman year as part of the New Member Committee. From there she joined Outreach in 2017. She continued her PUDM journey serving as an Accounting Chair in 2018 then finally becoming the Accounting Executive in 2019. She is finishing up her PharmD degree through Purdue while on rotations in Indianapolis. She is very excited to bring alumni together in Indy!
Jaycie DiDomenico
Jaycie DiDomenicoRegional Coordinator - Chicago
Jaycie started her PUDM journey as a participant in 2016. After her first marathon, she joined the Morale committee for the next 3 years. In her last 2 years of PUDM, she had the pleasure of serving as a Color Captain (2018) and Membership Engagement Chair (2019). Jaycie graduated from Purdue in 2020 with a degree in Chemistry and is currently working as a Data Analyst. She is excited to continue her involvement with this organization as a Chicago Regional Coordinator for PUDMA.
Mark Alicea
Mark AliceaMentorship Director
Mark joined PUDM as a champion in 2018 as a committee member for the Hospitality committee, where he fell in love with PUDM at his first Stix 4 Kids event! The following year, he served as the In-Kind Sponsorships Strategy Chair, where he strategized potential new companies to reach out to. He also planned important skip-A-meals (like Dough 4 Kids)! Post graduation, Mark is working for Amazon as a Safety Specialist while working on a Master’s Degree in Operations Research!
Amber Lindsey & Savannah Bratcher
Amber Lindsey & Savannah BratcherDevelopment Directors
Amber and Sav each joined PUDM through different ways – Amber joined after some convincing of close friends to join the Morale committee and Sav after participating in high school DM. Amber served as the first-ever Stewardship Exec in 2018 and Sav served as the Productions Design Exec in 2018 and President in 2019. After becoming best friends as Execs in 2018, they are thrilled to serve as the Development Directors for PUDMA 2021. Amber and Sav have continued their support of Dance Marathon and CMN Hospitals through their careers. Amber currently works as a Cause Partnerships Manager for CMN Hospitals and Sav works as a CMN Development Coordinator for Dell Children’s Medical Center, a CMN Hospital in Austin, TX.