Who Are we?

Marlee DeSplinter


Meet our current President Marlee! In August, she will graduate from Purdue with her Master’s degree (second times the charm?) in Speech, Language, and Pathology. During her time at Purdue, Marlee served on the FSCL Outreach and Morale committees. She is excited to see what the rest of the year has in store for her incredible leadership team!

Jon Gaide

Vice President of Finance

Jon received his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Biomedical Engineering during his time at Purdue, allowing him the pleasure of participating in 6 years of PUDM. After serving in various roles such as Public Relations Exec and Productions Design Exec, Jon moved to Indianapolis and has been on the PUDMA Presidential Board since 2020. In his free time, Jon enjoys participating in Youth Culture through apps like Twitter and TikTok. 

Lexi Shriver

Vice President of Operations

As an avid escape room enthusiast and jigsaw puzzle junkie, Lexi is always looking for a good challenge, so it’s no surprise she’s beyond excited to navigate PUDMA’s newest frontier – operations! She began her career in 2015 as a brand-new-to-DM moraler and has been hooked ever since. Since leaving Purdue, she has strived to stay connected to the cause by working as a Camp Riley counselor, spending her first year post-nursing school as a Riley Hospital nurse, and serving as a Membership Director for PUDMA last year. Her love for adventure currently has her out in Salt Lake City, Utah hiking her way through national parks in her free time, but don’t worry, Lexi is dedicated now more than ever to helping our beloved organization reach new heights, even from 1500 miles away!

Jillian Bouck

Vice President of Membership

Jillian could not be more excited to serve as PUDMA’s 2022 Vice President of Membership this year! During her time in PUDM, she served on the Morale committee as a Committee Member (’18), Color Captain (’19), and Leadership Development Chair (’20). Jillian lives in Indianapolis and spends her free time daydreaming about One Direction getting back together. Dream big!

Caroline Blankemeier

Vice President of Internal Affairs

While in PUDM, Caroline was a part of the Outreach committee and later served as an accounting chair and executive. Last year, Caroline also served as a Regional Coordinator for PUDMA. She is currently wrapping up her PharmD degree at Purdue and will be graduating in May 2022. She enjoys Purdue Basketball and football, in addition to trying new restaurants around Indianapolis!

Ally Johnson

Vice President of External Affairs

Ally started off her three year run in PUDM as a Public Relations committee member and later served as the Merchandise Design chair for two years. After graduating in 2021, Ally has been living in Lafayette attempting to figure out how to be an adult with a normal vocal volume. She has plans to move to the Chicago area in the late summer in order to finally remove the term “townie” from her description.